PT. Indogas Sukses Abadi has facilities to provide customized services in the following areas to complement our products:

Accumulator Servicing and Refilling

Refilling of Accumulator of various capacity and pressure.


Blanketing with nitrogen, during storage, transportation and production process is a safe and dependable method of maintaining a protective layer of gas on top of a substance. It eliminates the presence of Oxygen or moisture, providing safe and reliable protection against degradation through oxidation, as well as ensuring longer life of product in the container, reduce hazards and longer equipment life cycles.

Ship and Plant Purging

Purging involves the introduction of inert gas into a closed system (Eg. A container tank, vessel, etc) to purge or reduce the existing oxygen content; thus preventing the formation of an ignitable atmosphere. The use of Inert Gas such as Nitrogen also creates a non-reactive environment for the substance previously stored or the next incoming substance.

Gas/Liquid Supply System Design and Installation

Tailored solutions customize to your individual operational and usage requirement.

  • Auto-changeover System
  • On-site Liquid Storage (VIE) tank Installation & Distribution Pipeline
  • Gas Control Panels and Manifold
  • Medical Gas Distribution System

Gas Equipment Rental and Servicing

We have Cylinders, Pallets, Portacryo, Cryogenic Storage Tanks (VIE), Transport Tanks (ISO), Vaporizers and other Gas related Equipment to support your needs and Job requirement.

Cylinder Maintenance

With our experienced team and state-of-art equipments, ISA is well equipped to provide a complete Gas Cylinder Maintenance and Technical Services. Our service includes Sandblasting and Painting, Routine Cylinder Inspection and Cleaning, Hydrostatic test, Pocket Testing, Manifold Repair, Valve replacement, Spindle replacement, Pressure Testing, Leak Detection etc.

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