Our Support Facilities

Constantly upgrade ourselves with efficient, reliable and innovative equipment, technology and ideas to support and reinforce our operational and distributional activities.

We have two active plant which are Industrial Gases Refilling Plant and Acetylene Production Plant at Bintan. All of these plant to support our manufacturing and refilling purposes in order to fulfill our customers’ demands. In addition to our gas container delivery, we have:

  • Cylinders and Pallets
  • Portacryo Tanks (Mini Bulks)
  • Storage Tanks (VIE Tank)
  • Transport Tanks (ISO Tank)
  • On-site Gas Pipeline and etc

These types of containers are to boost our service quality and satisfy the market demand. We are also equipped with a good range of transport facilities for daily deliveries to customers.

To achieve products quality and safety, we provide facility of equipment for cylinder load and pressure tests. In addition, we have experienced gas product consultant to provide consultations for customers who need more detailed information and advice.

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